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What Little Boys Talk About…

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Yesterday Fred had his first official playdate without mom.  I always wonder what our kids say when we’re not around, especially right now.  My friend Kristin sent me some pictures from the playdate and wrote this email after she brought Freddo home.  It was so kind of her and such a dear glimpse into my little boy’s heart…

Dear Misty, 

These pictures were the absolute sweetest.  We walked over to this open space by our house we call “The Jungle”… Fred came upon a little area were some wild flowers grew and he decided to pick two flowers, one for mom and one for dad.  Then he found a little tiny flower and he picked it for Charlie.  What a tender hearted little man.  He is so special.  He spoke about Charlie a couple of times with Reed.  I heard him once say “I have a little brother named Charlie and he went to heaven”.  He was very matter of fact about it, and not sad.  Then another time we were talking about Emma, and then I said to Reed, “and Fred has a little sister too, named Sophie”.  And Fred said “Don’t forget about Charlie!” with a big smile on his face.  Sweetest boy.”

Over the last three weeks we’ve had a lot of conversations with our kids that we just never wanted or expected to have.  Questions like, “Mommy, am I going to die?”  “What is Heaven like?”  And, “What kind of body does Charlie have in Heaven right now if his body is in the ground?”  These are just not easy questions to explain to a three and five-year-old.   The Lord has been so kind though to show us how He is holding our kids hands through this journey and teaching them more about Himself…just like He is holding and teaching us.

I am really thankful now that we have always tried to be honest with our kids about everything from Jesus to Santa Claus.  I have never so badly wanted them to know and believe the truth, and to know that they can trust us about the deepest and hardest things in life.   That is probably exactly how the Lord feels about us right now too.  I love how God promises us in Titus 1:2 that He “cannot lie.”  It is a great comfort to me that this is who my Father is.  Someone who I can bring my questions to.  Someone who has always told me the truth about the deepest and hardest things in life.  Someone who I can trust.   And Someone who my little ones can trust as well.  I’m thankful for this.  Because there are so many things He has said that I am clinging to and banking on right now.

So thankful for the God who cannot lie,


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One thought on “What Little Boys Talk About…

  1. What a sweet little boy Fred is! And wise beyond his years! Thanks for sharing those pictures and the story! Chatting for you in EA.

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