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Holding the Father’s Hand

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One of my favorite pictures we have with little Charlie is of his sweet baby hand in Reid’s strong Daddy hand.  I so wish we had more pictures, but the reality is that no amount of pictures would ever be enough.  This is one of my favorites though, and a fresh reminder to me that Charlie will always be our son.  His hands will always look like ours, and our longing to love him and know him and care for him as his parents will never ever change.  

Today, as I was desperately wishing I could be holding and kissing those sweet baby hands, the Lord brought to mind the verse in Isaiah 41:10 where another Father says to his beloved kids, “I am also going to hold your hand.”  I have never before understood the deep valleys contained in words like loss, death, grief, and suffering.  But over the last two weeks they have all become painfully tangible and defined for me.  We are experiencing the greatest loss and suffering of our lives.

And yet…we are also experiencing something that we didn’t know before in such a painfully tangible way…what it means to be strengthened, helped, and upheld by God’s Hands.  And that His longing to love us and know us and care for us as our Father will also never change.  He too holds us by His righteous right hand.

And so we keep walking.

His, misty



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